I've never been a traditional woman, I don't get lost in finding myself
I don't spend much time in the kitchen, when it
Comes to cooking, I surely need help
My pots all are blackened with the best of my intentions
My friends stop to eat before they darken my door
And if I see another fried egg invention, I cross my heart I'll fall dead on the floor

Me and my baby were walking down the street we see a
New place is openin': Zander Cafe
A help sign is hanging in the window, the lightbulb flashed and I
Did not delay I said "Honey, I've been thinking
The bills are pilin' up ceiling high
Why not talk to the man in the apron?
Well soon my baby's cooking paycheck pie!

He can't stop that bread from risin'
His hot scones are so appetizin'
He can put a pan of muffins in the oven too and he can
Still make love to you-know-who

Well he's shakin' and bakin', it's food for the takin'
With this kind of guy there's no need to be fakin'
He's chocolate cakin' the music we're makin' is heavenly

He fish he's frying the onions he's crying
These dishes I'm tastin there ain't no denyin'
I pop my strings when he's cookin' for me

His taste is Bavarian not too agrarian this vegetarian girl
Will be marryin' him and be carryin' roses and posies and daisies wild
He's vichi'd the soi and it's all just for moi
And oh my god this boy is Julia Child


You wanna have yourself a dish, you teach a man to catch a fish
And then you tell him he should cook it too
You wanna have yourself a time to sing a song and make a rhyme
Get him cookin' girl, he'll know what to do

You can't stop that bread from risin'
Those hot scones will be oh so appetizin'
Pans in the oven, muffins too and
Still making love
Still making love
Still making love to you-know-who

Remember the day, a Sunday in June
Me and your friends at the diner with you
The waitress was joking and I saw your first smile
It was a picture in time that I carry each mile
Cuz you dazzled me
Dazzle me more

You said you were game, you said I was nice
I looked at that smile, and I did not think twice
Well you lived at a distance, you were hours away
But had you lived on the moon I'd have still found a way
Cuz you dazzled me
Dazzle me more

Friday afternoon saw me jumpin' into my car
Two days of loving and Monday I was out the door
bop bop bop bop ba da....

You are the catch that the fisherman keeps
And we make a match at the top of the heap
And times may be tricky when the money gets tight, but boy
Whatever you're doin' well you're doin' it right
Oh you dazzle me
Dazzle me more

You say there's rules there for breakin', there's
places that I gotta do
And the shapes I'm makin are jazzy and new
and I might be scrapin' but look what I can do, I can
dazzle you

Well dazzle me, dazzle me more
Dazzle me, dazzle me more
Dazzle me, show me the time
Make me the glass and then fill it with wine
Write me the script and I'll take a role
Oh dance me around the glory hole
But careful the heat you've already been burned
And the temperature's rising but you still haven't learned
You can handle your business however you may but just
Turn down the furnace 'cause I'm melting away
You dazzle me
Dazzle me more

You wanna go on a rocket ship, a rocket ship with me?
To outer space
We'll start another race out there where everything is clear
And sounds just disappear

You wanna talk on the telephone, the telephone with me?
Well here's your cup and string, just pick it up and sing
Sweet nothings in my ear
There's nothing there to fear this way

Simon what would you say today
Now that the sound of silence is fading away
And Enrico and all of his friends
Can't put the silence together again
And what I wouldn't give for one, two, three,
Four seconds of silence more.

Do you remember quiet
From when you went to sleep?
So long ago
Before you learned to throw a switch
And make the static come
Or maybe waterfalls tonight
So all your dreams will come

Do you remember walking
Just walking down the street?
Without a ring
Or anything to break the calm, well your
Mind just ran so free
And all the things you'd wish
The strangers you would kiss
In your daydreaming bliss


The clock beside my bed says 3 a.m.
And so it seems this night will never end
Iíve got the blues
Cuz Iím missing you again.

The telephone just waits for you to dial
The camera wants a picture of your smile
The bed just sulks, the sheets lay down in piles
Cuz no oneís rock and rolled them for a while
Theyíve had the blues
Since youíve been traveling these miles

You say this gypsy life is not the way to go
Each day just takes you in, wears you out,
Says ďGet on with the show.Ē

I told you once I told you twice before
Iíll be here when your footsteps find the door
Iíve got the blues
But I know youíll be home soon

This morning I woke up and all the trees were dressed
in ice from limb to limb
They dressed for the occasion knowing soon it will be
winter time again
And the birds are lining up in V's and ordering
And bags of salt and shovels are flying off the
shelves and the
Old folks have their tickets, they've started heading
They bought a place in Florida just to be away from
winter in this town

The cats are all on strike and they refuse to go
outside until it's warm
And we wear so many clothes we hardly recognize
ourselves anymore
Well we may not have a hundred different words we use
for "snow"
But we know it when we see it, and once it's here we
know that it's
Probably here to stay, winter doesn't fool around
And it makes you feel courageous when you make it
through the winter in this town

There's people here from everywhere, they mostly come
to get away from war
And we told them they'd be welcome but they didn't
know what winter had in store
For the guy who's driving taxi, things aren't going as
he'd planned
His kids are speaking English now and he barely
understands them
But he feels the most alone when the winds are blowing
And he'll never be at home here and he says it's cuz
of winter in this town

I wasn't really born here, it's just the place I like
to call my own
But it's been eleven years and here's the best town of
any town I've known
And maybe when I'm older and my bones are growing thin
The days will seem much colder and I'll want to move
But for now the skies are sunniest when the
temperatures are down
And I still find it funny when the tourists ask me how
I can
Make it through the winter
I make it through the winter in this town
I make it through the winter in this town
I make it through the winter.

People say that I should write these stories down
Well I used to tell my little boy about the tractor on the farm
About old men drinking apple jack and chasing chickens in the barn
I told him about huckleberries, how the pirates sailed the seas
But I can't tell him nothing now, nothing's what he wants from me.

I tied a cotton sting onto his wrist
And I ran with him through soccer fields with black birds flying by
I ran so that the wind would pick him up and launch him into sky
I hoped that such a view would teach him what to seek, what to fear
But he just sailed away from me into a distant hemisphere.

I gave him symmetry, I pointed his small finger to the light
I gave him history, I tucked him in a thousand starry nights
I used to blame the mothers for the sins their children did commit
Till my own blood just walked away and left me standing here with this.

He met his true love when her car broke down
And he took her down to lover's lane, he took her to the prom
He took her to the altar and she met him on her father's arm
I smiled as they drove away, suitcases up on the rack
But then she turned and whispered to him "Hit the pedal, don't look back"

Frost said, "Nothing gold can stay,"
But I try not to think in terms of sorrow or regret
I've ransacked all my memories and asked forgiveness for my debts and
Even though we disagree on what is blue and what is green
I hope that time will speak to him, send him skipping back to me


Turn the light down and close your eyes
See your bear is fast asleep
See how the stars are twinkling
You have a big day tomorrow with all your friends
Mommy is watching and nothing can harm you now.

Funny the things that some people will save
Just like flashbeams that bounce in the dark
Things to remind them of places they've been
And the ones they hold dear to their hearts
Like latchkeys, and cigarette cases
and holiday postcards of coppertoned faces
and ballcaps, and figurines
and small plastic scenes where the
snow falls down inside

And I'm saving your aftershave lotion
Your boxed-up collection of shells from the ocean
Your fisherman sweater and all of your letters
But none of these things could compare
To one last kiss from you

Well I've always said I'd never be a bride bride bride
Cuz men, they only take you for a ride ride ride
Well I've known it from deep down inside
From when I was a little girl
But last week when Joe got on his knee knee knee
And asked me "darlin' won't you marry me me me?"
Well I must've had some terrifyin' brain disease
Cuz it's my wedding day

Well the ring he gave me turned my finger green green green
And he said he got it from a magazine zine zine
But if I dunk my hand in Vaseline
It goes on and off real nice
And he said that I could wear his momma's dress dress dress
But I'd have to lose some weight to look my best best best
Well this starvation diet has put me to the test
And it's my wedding day

We'll be honeymoonin' at his Uncle Lyle Lyle Lyle's
Cuz he's been in the slammer for a while while while
His place is down the road a half a mile
Across from the 5 and 10
But we'll have to get a ride from Aunt Kate Kate Kate
Cuz Joe's car is in a sorry state state state
He's been workin' on it since '88
And it's our wedding day

Well my momma will be cryin' when the ceremony's through
And I know just how she'll feel oh yes I do do do
I can't remember when I've felt so blue
Thinking on a coming day
And when the preacher's askin' "Is there anyone I see
Who finds themselves objectin' to this pair-to-be?"
I'll drown the others out hollerin' me! me! me!
Cuz it's my wedding day oh yeah
It's my wedding day

I used to get so excited when the planes flew by
Thinking one of these days would be my last goodbye
To this winter town, and these late night calls

We talked so often that the telephone
Was almost a lover of its very own
It could ring so soft, it could warm my cheek

We'd be at the plane and all my wishes would burn up
That this next little ticket wouldn't need a return
But you'd hold me tight, as we said goodbye

Now all our maneuverings and all of our plans
Are turning to vapor in the palm of your hand
There comes a time when even a 100-ring call
Can't say I love you like a one-way, leaving tomorrow
This ticket's leaving tomorrow
This ticket's leaving with somebody else
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la

Hello sun, hello day, happiness awaits me
Take me in to your light, never fade
I am born, I am made, I am not afraid
Jet plane, runway shine
I am wings
I am flight

Lullaby and good night
Little bird, take rest from your flight
Darkness leans to the west, little bird

Every morn, with a yawn
I arise when I hear your sweet song
Now I sing you goodnight, little bird

Bright stars are falling, still you keep calling
Singing that sweet melody
Lay down your pillow, that soft pussy willow
And dream up a little bird dream

Lullaby and good night
Little bird, take rest from your flight
Darkness leans to the west, little bird