Plainfield, New Jersey
Reason for leaving:
Macalester College Music Department
Current digs:
NE Minneapolis, Minnesota
Does she still have that Jersey accent?
First instrument:
Picked up guitar at age:
Does she come from a musical family?:
Oh yes. Grandmother was a music teacher, taught Liberace, parents met at a Brahms Requiem rehearsal, brother writes on-line music reviews.
Musical endeavors past and present:
Performing singer-songwriter. Lead singer of the Macalester African Music Ensemble, singer and accordionist in a once-a-year Polish Polka band, alto in the Minnesota Chorale, early childhood music teacher, and wedding performer.
Composers/songwriters who inspire:
Erin McKeown, Sarah Harmer, Jonatha Brooke, Baden Powell, Gillian Welch, Sting, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Tom Lehrer, Willie Wisely, Samuel Barber, Cole Porter, Richard Thompson
Why she arranged Somewhere Over the Rainbow:
"I was reading about Eva Cassidy and her version of the song. I hadn't heard it but the writer commented that she was such a strong interpreter, she practically rewrote the song. I thought, 'What would an all new version sound like?' So, I wrote one."
Does she write music or lyrics first?:
Always music. "Then I write about something I've been thinking about and try to match the style to the melody. The one exception would be "It's my Wedding Day," I knew I wanted to write a funny song about a regretful bride."
husband Michael Boyd
What's next:
teaching K-6 general music, finding good homes for "Panoramic"